Facts you should know if you visit Auckland International Airport

Auckland is known as the economic capital of New Zealand and as the main commercial axis of the country, being located in its territory the headquarters of important international corporations. It is also considered the most cosmopolitan New Zealand city and is currently home to the largest Polynesian population in the world.

Many visitors come every year to discover the charms of this wonderful city. Did you know that on the outskirts of Auckland were carried out some scenes of the trilogy ¨The Lord of the Rings¨? Well, indeed, and this is one of the reasons why the tourism index has increased in recent years.

If you are interested in travelling to this city it is essential that you know how its airport works. That is why this time we have prepared an article that can serve as a guide in case you need it.

Auckland International Airport is 21 km south of the city centre. It opened in 1966 and is now New Zealand’s largest and most important airport. It serves as a hub for the New Zealand airline ¨Air New Zealand¨ in addition to working with other companies such as Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin Australia. In 2013 was awarded as one of the 12 best airports in the world by Skytrax World Airport Awards and was also awarded as the best in the Australia / Pacific region.


Auckland International Airport has two terminals: the international flight terminal and the domestic flight terminal. The international terminal offers its services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, while the domestic terminal remains operating the same way every day but with limited schedules, Monday through Friday from 4:30 am to 11:00 pm and weekends from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Both are separated by a distance of approximately 500 m, so it is very easy to walk from one to the other. In addition, this center also offers passengers a free bus service that makes it easier for them to get around.

How do move from Auckland airport to the city centre?

From the airport there are several options that allow passengers to get comfortably to the city center of Auckland. Here I show you the most used ones:

SkyBus: It is a well-known network of fast buses that operates from both terminals of the airport and provides services every day of the year 24 hours a day. The adult ticket has a value of NZ$ 18.00 and the family can cost up to NZ$ 36.00. The tickets to board them can be purchased at the airport or through the Internet. These buses are usually quite regular taking between one and another about 10 minutes and the time it usually takes to get to downtown is about 40-60 minutes. It is very easy to find the output stations of the same ones following the signs that there are in the airport.

Super Shuttles: These are very popular with visitors arriving at the airport. This is a shared minibus service that offers great discounts when it comes to families. Through it you will have the opportunity to get right to the door of your destination within the city and is one of the safest means of transport you can find. You can book your transfer via the internet on their website or at the airport facilities at the Super Shuttles offices.

Taxis: Of all the means of transport you can use from the airport, taxis are one of the most expensive. Depending on the company, the fixed fare price varies from NZ$ 38.00 – NZ$ 75.00. You can make use of them at any time of the day and you will find them in the arrivals area (gate 8) of the international flight terminal and in gate 4 of the domestic flight terminal.


Auckland International Airport offers passengers a wide variety of services to provide the best of stays.

It has pharmacies and clinics to attend medical emergencies, as well as foreign exchange offices, bank branches and automatic teller machines. You will find bathrooms, showers, baby changing rooms, nursery and playground. It has all the conditions created to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs.


Within its facilities there are more than 60 shops where you can find any object you need. They represent the ideal place to take home magnificent souvenirs at really tempting prices.

Its stores with tax-free prices as well as having very good offers on items of excellent quality, offer the possibility of shopping online through its website.

Where to eat:

As well as a wide variety of shops, there are also numerous bars, restaurants and fast food cafes within the airport where you can taste both international and local flavours.

Internet access:

Distributed by the airport terminals there are numerous posts that allow the connection to Internet as well as there are areas in the center with access to this service by Wifi.


Both airport terminals have parking areas. You can choose a short or long duration depending on what you need. In terms of prices you can also choose between several options, having access, at the time of booking, to very good offers. You can book this service both online and in person.